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BASTIS benchmarking tool online and working

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With the introduction of the benchmarking tool, the development of BASTIS took a further giant step ahead:

  • During the summer of 2012, the concept of the a standardized benchmarking tool was refined and implemented
  • In a first step the tool aggregates important and comparable information on each destination, source market and heritage site using the content of the info-boxes.
  • In a second step and only one "click" away you can benchmark the information you are researching for one destination, source market and heritage site with all its competitors in BASTIS. Here you can see an example for the heritage site section:
BASTIS Example Infobox2.PNG
  • The benchmarking itsself is taking place by using neat sortable tabulations, generated automatically by using the innovative Semantic Mediawiki software. Here is an example for the demand in terms of bednights in the different destinations:
BASTIS Example BenchmarkReport.png
  • The tool was presented at the project meeting followed by a life practice test with instant feedback by the tourism practitioneers of Agora 2.0.
  • After minor adjustments the final version of the tool was published in October 2011.

So far the tool works very well for the destination and source market section, where a lot of informtion for the benchmarking is available. In the heritage site section the tool is implemented but at present, there is a need for more data to base the benchmarking on. As more and more sites report their visitor numbers and more and more results of the heritage site survey of summer 2012 become available, the possibilities to benchmark the heritage sites according to different factors will increase dramatically.