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BASTIS improvements

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In the past months we were rapidly improving and optimising BASTIS in a number of aspects:

  • First and probably most noticable the BASTIS was moved to a better and much faster server, improving the speed and performance of the website manyfold.
  • Infoboxes at the top of all pages in the sections "destinations", "source markets" and "heritage sites" make the most important information of each destination, source market and heritage site visible at the first glance:
BASTIS Example Infobox.png
  • In the "heritage site"-section maps were included to display the location of each heritage site. The map can be "switched on an off" with the "show/hide button" next to the name of the site.
BASTIS Example Map.png
  • Thanks to a lot of contributors we now have an ever growing number of heritage sites presented in the heritage site section. We put some time in the editing of the new heritage sites to make them all follow the same structure in order to make the different sites more comparable.

Go have a look yourself and browse through BASTIS!