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Baltic Sea Region Heritage Sites Visitor Survey

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Feel free to use the Agora 2.0 questionnaire of the Baltic Sea Region Heritage Sites Visitor Survey in YOUR Heritage Site!

This summer, all Heritage Sites engaged in the Agora 2.0 project are conducting visitor surveys at their sites, using a common questionnaire. The aim of this surveys is to receive comparable results of all these sites concerning visitor structure, visitor behaviour and visitor satisfaction. All results should be published in BASTIS and we are working right now on a benchmarkting tool which will allow the comparison of the Heritage Sites within BASTIS with respect to the results of this visitor survey.

If you represent a Heritage Site in the BSR and are interested in the possibility to compare yourself with other sites in BASTIS, please feel free to use our questionnaire which you can download here.

By September 2011 the latest, our benchmarking tool will be running, so that you can publish your survey results within BASTIS and it will provide the possibility to compare!

If there are any questions just contact us at the N.I.T.!