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Presentation of BASTIS at the MOVE 2011 conference in Bilbao, Spain

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On October 28, BASTIS was presented and discussed at the MOVE 2011: International Conference on the Measurement and Economic Analysis of Regional Tourism in Bilbao, Spain.

The conference was organised by the International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism (INRouTe), a non-profit association in support of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), which on a global level has similar objectives as we have with BASTIS: ‘support the management of regional and local tourism destinations by providing and disseminating relevant knowledge and best practices among scholars and practitioners’.

BASTIS and the whole Agora 2.0 project can benefit from this conference in two ways:

  1. The new and innovative approach of BASTIS represents a best-practice example in the BSR, how to empower regional tourism stakeholders by bringing them the relevant data they need for strategic decision making. The conference was a opportunity to promote BASTIS in front of a global audience.
  2. We are still in the process of developing and improving BASTIS further. The discussion with and feedback of the global audience of the conference gave us further input for future improvements.

Among others, the concept of BASTIS was discussed with Hiroyuki Kamiyama, Director for Tourism Statistics and TSA at the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, and with Antonio Massieu, former Programme Director, Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) at the UNWTO. In addition to their valuable opinions for the future development of BASTIS, Antonio Massieu supported BASTIS by supplying us with UNWTO-statistics which will help us to bring more details into the "destination" section of BASTIS.

The new and updated BASTIS introduction is based on the Bilbao-presentation of BASTIS. There is also a full paper on the concept of BASTIS available on the Move 2011 conference website.