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Successful presentation of BASTIS at the Agora 2.0 meeting in Tallinn

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Time is running and it is already one month ago since the Agora 2.0 Meeting in Tallinn!

The feedback of the Agora 2.0 partners on the live presentation of BASTIS was very positive. The discussion resulted in a few suggestions for improvement, which will be implemented into BASTIS in the next months.

In the BASTIS workshop, the project partners of Work Package 5 (Pilot Solutions) each started to include the informations about one heritage site into BASTIS. Within the 90 Minutes of time all participants did very well, so that after the workshop there are already 11 different heritage sites within BASTIS. There was not enough time to include all information available, so all of the heritage sites are still "building sites" which the respectiove persons need to complete in the future.