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Heritage Sites:Benchmark Report Visitors of Castles 2

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This report shows key indicators of visitor behaviour and visitor satisfaction in the different castles.

Name Country Awareness of attraction: personal recommendation (%) Awareness of attraction: Internet (%) Awareness of attraction: travel guide/other attractions (%) Overall Satisfaction with visit (average) Satisfaction: Price (average) Satisfaction: Opening hours (average) Satisfaction: Service (average) Satisfaction: Information (average)
Bauska Castle Latvia
Biržai Castle Lithuania
Castle of Kastelholm Finland
Häme Castle Finland 30.0030 15.0015 20.0020 4.304.3 4.104.1 4.204.2 4.304.3 4.104.1
Kuressaare Episcopal Castle Estonia
Lappeenranta Fortress Finland
Malbork Castle Poland
Narva Castle Estonia 43.0043 14.0014 15.0015 4.504.5 3.803.8 4.104.1 4.104.1 4.004
Olavinlinna Castle Finland
Pomeranian Dukes' Castle Poland
Rundāle Palace Latvia
Skokloster Castle Sweden 38.0038 14.0014 18.0018 4.404.4 3.903.9 4.004 4.404.4 4.104.1
Turaida Castle Latvia

Missing data will be added as they become available.