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Heritage Sites:Castle of Kastelholm

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Castle of Kastelholm
Country Finland
Place Sund, Åland
Short Description Defence stronghold turned into museum
Visitors 2010 35045

The castle, which originally was used as a defence stronghold, was founded in the end of the 1300's. The stronghold was then rebuilt at different times until the 1600's when it had become a castle with mainly an administrative function. At the end of the 1600's the castle was left to dilapidate. The castle has now been restored and is open for visitors.


About the Heritage Site

  • Country: Finland
  • Location: Sund, Åland
  • Type of location: The castle was built on a small islet with a well protected harbour.
  • Experience offered: Kastelholm Castle was left to fall into decay, in 1745 a fire reduced the inner castle to a ruin. From the middle of the 18th century and up to the 1930’s parts of the castle were used as a granary. Restoration work has been carried out since the1890’s and there has been a historical museum at the castle since the 1930’s.
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Postal Adress:
Ålands landskapsregering, Museibyrån PB 1060 AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland
phone: +358 18 25 000

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times
2.5-30.6 and 1.8-15.9 
Every day 10 am – 5 pm
Every day 10 am – 6 pm

  • Entrance fee :
Children 7-15 years, students, seniors: 4,50 €

Adults: 6 €

  • How to get there
Kastelholm castle is located off Road 2 in Sund, Åland, Finland, approximately 25 km northeast of Mariehamn.

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
36 006 35 586 33 136 34 287 35 045 31 789

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitors of Castle of Kastelholm
Reference Year
Average age of visitors years
Share of international visitors  %
Average group size
Characteristics of visit: trip from holiday destination  %
Characteristics of visit: trip from home  %
Characteristics of visit: touring  %
Share of first time visitors  %
Time spent at attraction: up to 2 hours  %
Time spent at attraction: more than 2 hours  %
Awareness of attraction: personal recommendation  %
Awareness of attraction: Internet  %
Awareness of attraction: travel guide/other attractions  %
Overall Satisfaction with visit (average)
Satisfaction: Price (average)
Satisfaction: Opening hours (average)
Satisfaction: Service (average)
Satisfaction: Information (average)

Visitor's structure

  • Sex:
  • Age:
0-19 years:
20-39 years:
40-59 years:
60+ years:
  • Country:
  • Characteristics of visit:

Visitor's behaviour

  • First time visitors: Repeating visitors:
  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
  • How did the visitors get to the Heritage Site?
  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?

Visitors satisfaction

The guest survey also covers in great detail the satisfaction of the guest with different aspects of the visit. The figueres shown are the average of a scale from 5 (very satisfied) to 1 (not satisfied at all).

  • Overall satisfaction with visit:
  • Satisfaction with different aspects of the visit:
Admission price:
Price performance ratio:
Options for transport to the attraction:
Opening hours:
Child friendliness:
Parking facilities:
Content of attraction:
Information about attraction:
Sanitary facilities:
Shopping facilities:
Catering facilities:

Marketing etc.

  • Marketing efforts: In order to promote Kastelholm Castle services and become more attractive, the museum uses following:
  • Printing material: The printing material of VisitÅland
  • Participation in tourist fairs:
  • Social media: Facebook Kastelholms slott och Jan Karlsgården
  • Cooperations: Kastelholm Castle is a member of the Association of Castles and Museums Around the Baltic Sea.


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CountryFinland  +
Heritage Site CategoryCastle  +
PlaceSund, Åland  +
Reference Year2010  +
Short DescriptionDefence stronghold turned into museum
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Visitors 200636,006  +
Visitors 200735,586  +
Visitors 200833,136  +
Visitors 200934,287  +
Visitors 201035,045  +
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