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Heritage Sites:Greenway "The Blue Necklace of Rossony"

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Rossony regon is famous for its forests which occupy almost 70 per cent of the territory. But its real beauty and splendidness are 200 lakes and rivers, the abundance of game, mushrooms and berries, and healing herbs and the similarly healing clean forest air …What is more beautiful than seeing it? It is even more pleasant to wander in the silence of woods, breathe the air smelling sweet with thousands of herbs, take a sip of crystal clear spring water or just sit on the lake or river side with a fishing rod in your hands. 1st day – arrival to Minsk and departure to the Krolova Hata Farmstead. The cottage is right on the lakeside. In the nearby forest you can pick up mushrooms, berries or seek for adventures. There are unique opportunities for fishing and swimming. You may sit and have a rest in the living-room near the fireplace, play table-tennis, listen to the music. Our forest bath-house on the lake-side is at your disposal. 2nd day – visiting the Rognedin Mound (the place where, as a legend says, Polotzk Duke Rogvolod and his daughter Rognyeda were buried); Lake Nescherdo and the Muragi village (the native land of famous Belarusian writer Yan Borschevsky); site of an ancient settlement of the Iron Age; sites of partisan quarters during the World War II. 3rd day – hiking and water trips by any route, any type or combination of types (walking, sport hiking, long-distance trips). Outfit rental services are available. The variety of hiking trips will let you join the wonderful world of the Nature and Harmony. 4th day – departure to the Khoren Farmstead The farmstead is located in the village of Klyastitzy, Rossony region,. A cottage with all conveniences stands on the bank of the Nischa River. You will go steam-bathing in the Russian sauna. If you are fond of fishing there are 2 lakes near the farmstead where you can catch crucians, pikes, breams, tenches, perches, roaches. 5th day – excursion to Polotzk (45 km) and visiting the village the Derazhnya near which you can find a museum describing the life of guerilla groups during the World War II. 6th day – departure to Minsk Much more interesting things are waiting for you in our lands! Come to discover!

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