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Heritage Sites:Greenway "The land of yellow water-lilies and grey boulders"

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Greenway "The land of yellow water-lilies and grey boulders"

If you want to see the landscapes of unique beauty – amazing forests, the web of rivers and lakes with crystal clear transparent water, if you want to feel the spirit of the ancient times. If you like folk music and you would like to participate in the ritual performance Tsyareshka’s Marriage – so we are looking forward to you in the Lepel region of Vitebsk oblast.The first day – arrival to Minsk. Sightseeing tour around Minsk. Departure to the Priozernaya farmstead in Lepel region where the hospitable hosts will offer you special Lepel meals and bever-ages. The second day – visiting Old (Stary) Lepel where on the top of the hill you will see stone-made crosses hidden in the shadow of trees – witnesses of the past days. Then you will go to a private museum of rural life of the region of the early XIXth – late XXth centuries. The next stop is the village of Okono, near the lake of the same name. In the village you will listen to the local folk group ‘Akanitsa’ The third day – you will go to the village of Anoshky where you will be able to participate in the ritual performance, called The Tsyareshka’s Marriage. Anoshky is also famous by its hospitable people. You will certainly try local dumplings and sausages and take a traditional drink to the health of the hosts.

The fourth day- traveling to Gogalevka, where you will see the Snake Stone, one of the most famous Belarusian boulders, it appeared there about 20 thousand years ago. In the village of Toronko you will be impressed by the sacrificial stone that has a round hollow on top capable to accommodate up to 20 people. . And on a high hill behind the village there is a medieval cemetery where tombstones and crosses with various symbols of that time are also cut out of stone. The final point of our travel is the Liukshyna farm that operates under old Belarusian traditions

The fifth day – departure to Minsk.

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