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Heritage Sites:Häme Castle

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Häme Castle
Country Finland
Place Hämeenlinna, 100 km north of Helsinki
Short Description Medieval royal castle with different exhibitions
Visitors 2010 95670

Häme Castle is one of Finland´s medieval royal castles. It is believed to have been built at the end of the 13th century, following the crusade by Swedish Earl Birger to Häme region. During the Middle Ages the original fortified camp was built into a residential castle for its commandant. In the 18th century a third storey was built and curtain wall buildings partly replaced the original outer walls. The castle and its surroundings were in prison use from 1837 to 1972. The main castle is now presented as a historical monument.The Häme Castle and its redbrick barracks are on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi. The promontary has been a meeting place for centuries, and the walls almost echo the voices from the Middle Ages.


About the Heritage Site

  • Country: Finland
  • Location: Hämeenlinna, 100 km north of Helsinki. The castle is located on the coast of Lake Vanajavesi in the city center. The castle was originally located on an island.
  • Type of location: Medieval brick castle. Häme Castle was originally founded as a military camp fortress in the late 13th century. The shell keep was constructed during the Middle Ages in several phases and its attaining nearly its present form around 1520. The medieval curtain wall and mid-16th century gun tower that formed part of the bailey defences have been well preserved on the side of facing Lake Vanajavesi.
  • Experience offered: In Häme castle there are special exhibitions and permanent exhibitions. Guided tours are available in Finnish all year round and in the summer season also in Swedish, English and German. The castle houses a museum shop, a restaurant (available by advance booking), a summer café and facilities for meetings and celebrations.
  • Detailed information about guided tours:
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Postal Adress:
Häme castle, Kustaa III:n katu 6, 13100 Hämeenlinna, Finland
phone: +358 3 675 6820, +358 3 6166 377

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times
2.1.-31.5. Mon-Fri 10-16, Sat-Sun 11-16
1.6.-14.8. open daily 11-18
15.8.-14.12. Mon-Fri 10-16, Sat-Sun 11-16

Closed on the following dates:

January 1st
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
May 1st
Mid-Summer Eve
December 6th
December 15th till December 31st
In Häme castle there is a summer cafe and a restaurant (by previous order).
  • Entrance fee :
Type of ticket
Adults € 8.00
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) € 18.00
Children (aged 7 to 17) € 4.00
Students, conscripts and seniors € 6.00
School classes € 2.50 per pupil, teachers free
Combined ticket (includes Häme Castle, Historical Museum, Prison Museum and Artillery Museum)
Adults € 14.00
Children (aged 7 to 17) € 6.00

  • How to get there
By car: From Helsinki the motorway 3 north towards Tampere. Free parking areas in the vicinity of the Castle.
By train: Train from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna, 1 hour and 20 minutes. Approximately 15 min walk to the Castle from the train station.
The castle is not wheelchair accessible.

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

  • Maximum amount of visitors allowed at the same time

Shell keep, 309 persons

Western bailey building, 240 persons

Northern bailey building, 236 persons

Southern bailey building/The Crown Bakery, 240 persons

Southerneastern gun tower, 140 persons

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
83 721 91 201 89 655 103 301 116 793 100 411 107 055 92 899 101 163 97 110 76 607 100 286 95 680 79 415

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitors of Häme Castle
Reference Year 2011
Average age of visitors 38.1 years
Share of international visitors 17 %
Average group size 4.4
Characteristics of visit: trip from holiday destination 39 %
Characteristics of visit: trip from home 48 %
Characteristics of visit: touring 13 %
Share of first time visitors 64 %
Time spent at attraction: up to 2 hours 75 %
Time spent at attraction: more than 2 hours 25 %
Awareness of attraction: personal recommendation 30 %
Awareness of attraction: Internet 15 %
Awareness of attraction: travel guide/other attractions 20 %
Overall Satisfaction with visit 4.3 (average)
Satisfaction: Price 4.1 (average)
Satisfaction: Opening hours 4.2 (average)
Satisfaction: Service 4.3 (average)
Satisfaction: Information 4.1 (average)

During the summer of 2011, all Heritage Sites engaged in the Agora 2.0 project have conducted visitor surveys at their sites, using a common questionnaire. The aim of this surveys is to receive comparable results of all these sites concerning visitor structure, visitor behaviour and visitor satisfaction. In Häme Castle 499 inteviews were realised. Below you find the Häme results in detail. In the Infobox to your right you see central results at one glance which will also be covered in benchmarking reports to compare them with other heritage sites.

Visitor's structure

  • Sex: 57% Female; 43% Male
  • Age: Average 38.1 years
0-19 years: 9%
20-39 years: 52%
40-59 years: 29%
60+ years: 10%
  • Country:
  1. Finland (83%)
  2. Italy (3%)
  3. Germany (2%)
  4. Russia (2%)
  5. Austria (1%)
  6. Netherlands (1%)
  • Characteristics of visit:
48% excursion from home
39% excursion from holiday destination
13% touring (travelling around)

Visitor's behaviour

  • First time visitors: 64%; Repeating visitors: 36%
  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
  1. Friends/relatives (25%)
  2. By chance/passing by (16%)
  3. Internet (15%)
  4. Guides/brochures (12%)
  5. Tourist information (4%)
  6. Other attractions (3%)
  • How did the visitors get to the Heritage Site?
  1. Car/caravan (83%)
  2. Walking (8%)
  3. Public transportation (6%)
  4. Booked tour/excursion (1%)
  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?
15% up to 1 hour
60% 1-2 hours
25% more than 2 hours

Visitors satisfaction

The guest survey also covers in great detail the satisfaction of the guest with different aspects of the visit. The figueres shown are the average of a scale from 5 (very satisfied) to 1 (not satisfied at all).

  • Overall satisfaction with visit: 4.3
  • Satisfaction with different aspects of the visit:
Admission price: 4.1
Price performance ratio: 4.1
Options for transport to the attraction: 3.9
Service/assistance: 4.3
Opening hours: 4.2
Child friendliness: 4.0
Parking facilities: 4.0
Content of attraction: 4.1
Information about attraction: 4.1
Sanitary facilities: 4.2
Cleanliness: 4.6
Shopping facilities: 4.0
Catering facilities: 3.7

Marketing etc.

*Marketing efforts

Marketing strategy of Häme Castle 2012 Häme Castle’s goal for visitors in year 2012 is 100 000 (In year 2011, 79 415 visitors). Marketing efforts to achieve the goal:

Paid announcements

Paid announcement of Hämeenlinna City tourist guide map, (Finnish-English). Target groups are Finnish and foreign tourists.

Teachers’ trip guide (Opettajan retkiopas) 2012. Target group: teachers planning trips for school children. Guide will be distributed to all schools and teachers.

Paid announcements in local newspapers especially during the events. Target group: local inhabitants.


New brochure of the Castle is being designed (Finnish, Swedish, English and German). Edition of 50 000 brochures is planned. It will be given to all the visitors of the Castle and it will be distributed in Hämeenlinna area.


New flyer will be designed for promoting Castle in hotels, tourist offices, restaurants, gas stations, other museums etc. There are plans to distribute flyers at border crossings between Finland and Russia. Flyers will be more widely distributed than the brochure.


Printed poster at the Häme Railway Station promoting the Castle. Target group: tourists, locals etc.

Marketing Letters

Targeted emailing of new guided tours with historical themes and workshops for kindergartens and schools.


Sponsorship agreement with Hämeen Sanomat (Major local newspaper) related to events, that gives us free announcements on the newspapers at the time of events.

Press Conferences

Press material related to Häme Castle’s temporary exhibitions.


Internet: web pages of Häme Castle are in important role in promoting events and exhibitions. Häme Castle’s main webpage got 45 589 downloads year 2011 in Finnish, 2080 downloads in English. Castle is also on display on other sites like and

Intranet: internal marketing in own organization to promote the variety of events, happenings, exhibitions, marketing efforts etc of the Castle.

Social Media

Häme Castle opened Facebook account in February 2012. The importance of social media is acknowledged and will be under constant development. Target groups are youths and young adults.


Participation in the Helsinki Travel Fair 2012 in January in co-operation with Häme Tourist Service. Castle will be promoted with a new flyer in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Participation in the ITB, Berlin Travel Fair 2012 in March in co-operation with Agora 2.0 –project partners. Castle will be promoted with a new flyer in English, German and Russia as well with a new flyer of the museums of the National Museum of Finland.


Häme Castle has cooperation with Häme Tourist Service in promoting the whole Häme region for visitors. Castle has also a longer cooperation with the major local newspaper Hämeen Sanomat in sponsorship of the events at the Castle. Häme Castle is in cooperation with other museums and Castles of The National Museum of Finland. Castle is also in closely cooperating with other members of the Association of Castles and Museums Around the Baltic Sea, especially Skokloster and Narva Museum.

*Development plans