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Heritage Sites:Lappeenranta Fortress

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Lappeenranta Fortress
Country Finland
Place Lappeenranta
Short Description The Fortress of Lappeenranta is a fine Northern example of a European fortified town from the18th century.
Visitors 2010 21897

The fortress was built after the Great Northern War in order to secure the eastern border of Finland after Sweden had lost territories and the border fortresses in south-eastern Finland to Russia.
Picture - South Karelia Museum


About the Heritage Site

  • Country: Finland
  • Location: Lappeenranta, in South-East Finland
  • Type of location: Lappeenranta fortress was restored between 1976 and 2006 and today many of the historic buildings are used for museum purposes, arts and crafts workshops and art schools.
  • Experience offered: The fortress is situated in the original city center which was established in mid-17th century. The old buildings include artist workshops, the oldest orthodox church in Finland, completed in 1785, the Museum of South Karelia and the Art Museum of South Karelia
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Postal Adress:
Kristiinankatu 9, P.O.Box 239, FI-53101 Lappeenranta, Finland
phone: +358 5 616 2261

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times:
South Karelia Museum and South-Karelia Art Museum are open
Winter: 27.8.2012 - 2.6.2013: tue-sun 11-17, monday closed
Summer: 3.6.-25.8.2013: mon-fri 10-18, sat-sun 11-17

For more information check

  • Entrance fee :
Summer Autumn/Winter
Adults 6,50 € 4,50 €
Pensioners, students 5,50 € 3,50 €
Groups (over 10 persons) 5,50 € 3,50 €
Children under 16 years free free
Combined ticket, adults 8,50 € 4,50 €
Combined ticket, pensioners and students 7,00 € 3,50 €

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  • How to get there
Lappeenranta is situated about 230 km north-east of Helsinki, about 30 km from the Russian border.:The Lappeenranta airport is situated about 2 km outside the town center and the railway station is situated about 1 km outside the town center. In summertime lake Saimaa and Saimaa canal cruises and trips to Vyborg in Russia are available from the harbour.

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

  • The territory of Lappeenranta Fortress is around 24 ha
  • Floor space of buildings approximately
South-Karelia Museum 1060 m²
South-Karelia Art Museum 1000 m²
  • Total exhibition space approximately
South-Karelia Museum 500 m²
South-Karelia Art Museum 600 m²

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

Year Number of visitors, South- Karelia Museum Number of visitors, South- Karelia Art Museum
2006 13124 35469
2007 16657 10941
2008 12202 10500
2009 9087 9343
2010 11818 10079
2011 12399 11004

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitors of Lappeenranta Fortress
Reference Year
Average age of visitors years
Share of international visitors  %
Average group size
Characteristics of visit: trip from holiday destination  %
Characteristics of visit: trip from home  %
Characteristics of visit: touring  %
Share of first time visitors  %
Time spent at attraction: up to 2 hours  %
Time spent at attraction: more than 2 hours  %
Awareness of attraction: personal recommendation  %
Awareness of attraction: Internet  %
Awareness of attraction: travel guide/other attractions  %
Overall Satisfaction with visit (average)
Satisfaction: Price (average)
Satisfaction: Opening hours (average)
Satisfaction: Service (average)
Satisfaction: Information (average)

Visitor's structure

  • Sex:
  • Age:
0-19 years:
20-39 years:
40-59 years:
60+ years:
  • Country:
  • Characteristics of visit:

Visitor's behaviour

Visitors satisfaction

Marketing etc.

  • Marketing efforts: In order to promote Lappeenranta Fortress services and become more attractive, the museum uses following:
  • Printing material: brochures, posters, advertisements in local newspapers
  • Participation in tourist fairs: fairs where different kind of articles with museum-theme are sold, happening where South-Karelia was presented, happening was in Senaatintori in Helsinki, take part in local happenings in Lappeenranta Fortress

  • Cooperations: Fortress is a member of the Association of Castles and Museums Around the Baltic Sea. It has also close collaboration with the enterpreneurs, art schools and museums.


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PlaceLappeenranta  +
Reference Year2010  +
Short DescriptionThe Fortress of Lappeenranta is a fine Northern example of a European fortified town from the18th century.
Visitors 20052,005 }}}  +
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