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Heritage Sites:Słowiński National Park

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Słowiński National Park
Country Poland
Place Close to the city of Łeba at the Baltic Sea coast
Short Description Dune belt of spits with moving dunes, unique in Europe
Visitors 2010

The Slovinski National Park is one of 23 national parks and one of 2 sea-side parks in Poland. It was founded to preserve in the unchangeable beauty, the system of seaside lakes, bogs, peatbogs, meadows, seaside woods and forests, but first of all, to maintain a dune belt of spits with moving dunes, unique in Europe. The dignity and the natural value of the Slovinski National Park are testified by the fact of its placement in an international network of protected areas, such as: HELCOMBSPA, World Nature Sanctuary or Ramsar wetland area.



About the Heritage Site

  • Country: Northern Poland (Pomorskie Voivodship)
  • Location: Close to the city of Łeba at the Baltic Sea coast
  • Type of location: Moving sand dunes on the coast of the Baltic Sea
  • Experience offered:
The most impressive attraction of Łeba and Slowinski NationalPark, are the moving dunes. About 8 kilometers on the west, between the sea and lake are located dunes. Called the shifting sand dunes as they move to the west (towards the Łeba) at a rate of about 3 to 15m per year. The highest of them, is Dune Łącka raised about fourty meters above sealevel, with sea sand from the Baltic Sea in the north and from Lake Łebsko in the south. The Dunes in Leba are not a permanent creation, they are moving from place to place.

The Slovinski National Park is visited by thousands of tourists, fond of the beauty and variability of its landscape. In order to maintain one of the most precious tie of indigenous nature, which undoubtedly is The Land of Water, Wind and Sand, there have been allocated only selected areas of the Park for tourism practicing as well as special regulations have been introduced for sightseeing there. Protecting these regulations by the visitors enables the efficient protection of natural peculiarities of the Slovinski Coast. It also serves the point that the recollections of summer holidays recorded in the memories or cameras could also be the privilege of further generations. The information on regulations and limits, to which tourist circulation is subordinated on the terrain of the Park, can be found along the tourist tracks, at the parking lots or at the instructive spots.

Słowiński Park Narodowy, ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 1A, 76-214 Smołdzino, Poland
phone: +48 59 811 72 04; fax: +48 59 811 75 09

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times:
The Park is available for tourist traffic all the year.
  • Entrance fee
Free of charge
  • How to get there
By car: Use the E28 from Koszalia or Gdynia to Lebork and take off towards Ustka or to Leba. Around the park there are many parking sites, especially in Łeba.
By train: The town of Slupsk serves as a junction stop for the Slowinski National Park, offering good railway and bus connections with all the larger cities in Poland. Rowy, Łeba and Gardna Wielka are three villages lying closest to the Park, and they all can be reached from Slupsk. In the high season, between July and September, you can get to Leba and Rowy by rail or bus, while to Gardna Wielka only by bus. From the Łeba railway station it is a 2 km walk or you can take the elektro bus (melexami) to Rąbka.
By bike: 2 km from Łeba. There is a bicycle parking lot just in front of the dunes (chargeable).
The Slovinski National Park is wheelchair accessible.
Here, you will find a map of the region which shows railways, motorways and other major roads in Pomerania (Pomorze).

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

Infrastructure of the Slowinski National Park:

  • Educational Children's Playground
  • Top „Rowokół”
  • Muzeum of Slowiński National Park in Smołdzino
  • Lighthouse in Czołpino
  • lookout towers on the lake Łebsko
  • hiking and nature trails (a walk on the moving dunes takes about 2-4 hours)

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

about 500 thousand visitors per year

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitor's structure

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Country
  • Are the visitors on holiday or visiting from their home?
  • If on holiday:
What kind of holiday?
Holiday accommodation?
Holiday means of transportation?
Holiday alone/accompanied by ...?

Visitor's behaviour

  • First time visitors to Holiday Site?
  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
  • How did the visitors get to the Heritage Site?

Slowinski National Park is located in the Pomeranian Province, in two districts of Slupsk and Lębork, the administrative boundaries of five boroughs.

  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?

Visitors satisfaction

  • Satisfaction with different aspects of Heritage Site

Marketing etc.

  • Marketing efforts:
  • Cooperations:
  • Development plans:


Facts about Słowiński National ParkRDF feed
Coordinates54° 42' 12" N, 17° 18' 25" E  +
CountryPoland  +
Heritage Site CategoryNational Park  +
PlaceClose to the city of Łeba at the Baltic Sea coast  +
Reference Year2010  +
Short DescriptionDune belt of spits with moving dunes, unique in Europe
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