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Heritage Sites:Start

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One example of a heritage site in BSR: Narva Castle

Heritage sites are sites throughout the Baltic Sea region which represent the cultural or natural heritage and may serve as one basis for a common BSR identity.


What's in it?

The most obivous approach of BASTIS, being an information service, is: Improving information. Consequently, the heritage sites part of the BASTIS wiki collects data on more than 40 heritage sites throughout the Baltic Sea region.

There are sites of all relevant categories:

How is it organized?

Each site has its own profile describing general assets and properties, giving information on the accessibility, collecting data on the number of visitors and visitor's structure, behaviour and satisfaction and finally naming the main marketing activities of the sites operator.

Benchmark reports

As in other categories, benchmark reports allow a structured comparison of the main indicators, either for all sites or one selected category.

Who provides the data?

As a general rule, it is the operators themselves who provide the data. If you are interested in participating, please get a BASTIS account in order to obtain writing access to the database.

Agora 2.0 Visitor Survey

An important part of the heritage site benchmarking covers information about the visitors. To generate comparable data, all heritage sites participating in BASTIS are encouraged to use the AGORA 2.0 visitor survey questionnaire. It is available for download in MSword in different languages:


Problems to be addressed in AGORA 2.0

One of the objectives of the AGORA 2.0 project is to improve the common identity of the Baltic Sea region, based on natural and cultural heritage. And the heritage sites make one part of a triangle of problems to be addressed in the project (see figure). Within the project there are several approaches to tackle these problems.