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Heritage Sites:Vasa Museum Stockholm

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Vasa Museum Stockholm
Vasamuseet 2008.jpg
Country Sweden
Place On the island of Djurgården in Stockholm
Short Description Sensational shipwreck from the 17th century
Visitors 2010

Nowhere in the world is there a ship like Vasa. Every year, more than a million people come to see the shipwreck which has become such a sensation. Vasa brings the 17th century to life for us. It is important for future generations to be able to experience this magnificent vessel and all the objects found with it. Vasa will not survive for ever, but the Vasa Musuem has a duty to ensure that the ship is preserved in as good a condition as possible for as long as possible.

Vasamuseet 2008.jpg


About the Heritage Site

  • Country: Sweden
  • Location: The Vasa Museum is situated on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm
  • Type of location: Sensational shipwreck from the 17th century
  • Experience offered: The Vasa Museum collection consists of the Vasa itself and all of the objects that were found with the ship. We regard it to be a “closed” discovery in which all parts are of equal importance to an understanding of the whole. There are several thousand objects that either belong to the ship or were on-board. Unlike the other Swedish National Maritime Museums, the Naval Museum and the Maritime Museum, the Vasa Museum does not continue to collect new objects – except of course when we dive again at the site of the shipwreck! We can offer you a Family Trail in Swedish, English, German, Finnish and Russian from age 6 and upwards. Bring an adult and come with us on a tour of Vasa's history! Other experiences: MP3 guide, guided tours, restaurant and shop with all sorts of souvenirs associated with Vasa, such as replicas of objects found on board, jewellery and models. Can be rented for banquets, parties and dinners.
  • Website:
  • Postal Adress:
The Vasa Museum, Box 27131 (visiting adress: Galärvarvsvägen 14)
SE-102 52 Stockholm, Sweden
phone: +46 (0) 8 519 548 00; fax: +46-8-519 548 88

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times:
1 June - 31 August: Every day 8.30-18.00
1 September - 31 May: Every day 10.00-17.00, Wednesdays 10.00-20.00
New Year´s Eve 31 December: 11.00-15.00
Closed: 1 January and 23-25 December
Group visits must be booked in advance
  • Special information for disabled people:
  • A Vasa Model that provides the visually impaired a chance to experience through touch how the ship is built.
  • Braille information in Swedish, English and German, with suggestions for tours can be borrowed from the museum's Information desk.
  • A Hearing Loop is available in large and small auditorium.
  • A Bliss Map and a booklet showing 10 Blissymbols to explain the warship Vasa.
  • Elevators to all floors.
  • The museum is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available on request for use by visitors. Please ask a security guard for assistance.
  • Disabled parking is available outside the museum entrance (4 places).
  • Gluten- or lactose-free diet for those with food allergies can be ordered in the Vasa restaurant.
  • Special Tours are available for classes / groups with disabilities. Contact the Booking Office: Tel: +46 8 519 548 70. Fax +46 8 519 548 88. E-mail:
  • Entrance fee:
Single ticket: 110 SEK
Students (with valid student ID showing expiry date): 80 SEK
Groups (of at least 10 persons): 80 SEK per person
Children and young people up to 18 years: free of charge
Payment can be made in cash and with credit cards (American Express, VISA, Master Card, Diners Club International and Maestro)
  • How to get there
By car: There is a car park near the museum, but it is often full. Parking spots may be found on the other side of the bridge or in the parking garages at Slussen or Karlaplan.
By train: It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the Central Station.
By tram: The easiest way to get to the museum is by tram. From the city centre (by Sergels torg square, on Hamngatan street) take tram number 7 towards Waldemarsudde
By bus: Bus 44 to bus stop Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet. Bus 69 and 76 to bus stop Djurgårdsbron.
By metro: Red line to station Karlplan. From there a 10 minute walk or bus 44 to bus stop Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet.
By boat: Ferry from Slussen all year round and from Nybroplan during the summer.

Look here for timetables and other information about the tram, the buses and the metro.

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitor's structure

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  • Country
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  • If on holiday:
What kind of holiday?
Holiday accommodation?
Holiday means of transportation?
Holiday alone/accompanied by ...?

Visitor's behaviour

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  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
  • How did the visitors get to the Heritage Site?
  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?

Visitors satisfaction

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Marketing etc.

  • Marketing efforts
  • Cooperations:
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Facts about Vasa Museum StockholmRDF feed
Coordinates59° 19' 41" N, 18° 5' 26" E  +
CountrySweden  +
Heritage Site CategoryMuseum  +
PlaceOn the island of Djurgården in Stockholm  +
Reference Year2010  +
Short DescriptionSensational shipwreck from the 17th century
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