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Heritage Tourists:BSR Heritage Tourists in EU

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Eurobarometer2012 Logo.png
14.0% of the EU 27-citizens aged 15+years (57.1 million) have spent holiday trips 2011 within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). 31.4 million went for a holiday in Germany and 14.8 million travelled to Poland. There is a huge gap between these two outstanding destinations and Sweden, Finland and Denmark who follow on rank 3 to 5. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are the least mentioned destinations within the BSR.

Unless indicated otherwise all results shown here are based on the on the Flash Eurobarometer 334[1] of March 2012

BSR holiday destination 2011

Taking all EU27 citizens as a basis, who in 2011 went on holiday within the BSR for 4 and more days, it can be easily seen that Germany and Poland represent more than 60% of all holiday tourists in the whole region:

  1. 39% Germany
  2. 24% Poland
  3. 7% Sweden
  4. 4% Finland
  5. 4% Denmark
  6. 3% UK
  7. 3% Netherlands
  8. 2% France
  9. 2% Italy

Main reasons for going on holidays 2011

On their holiday trips 2011, most of of the EU27 tourists to the BSR simply wanted to relax, but spending time with the family & visiting friends were important motives as well. In comparison, nature and culture/religion were less important

  1. Rest/recreation (including Wellness/health treatment 47% [EU27: 48%]
  2. Spending time with your family 32% [EU27: 32%]
  3. Visiting friends/relatives 32% [EU27: 28%]
  4. Nature (mountain, lake, landscape etc.) 23% [EU27: 18%]
  5. City trip 22% [EU27: 16%]
  6. Sun/beach 19% [EU27: 28%]
  7. Culture/religion 16% [EU27: 14%]
  8. Sports-related (e.g. scuba-diving, cycling etc.) 11% [EU27: 10%]
  9. Other 3% [EU27: 3%]

This means, whithin the 57 million EU27 holiday tourists 2011 in the BSR there are 13.1 million persons with a major holiday motivation "nature" and 9.1 million persons with a major holiday motivation "culture/religion". For analyses of these two segments in detail have a look at BSR "Nature Tourists" and BSR "Culture/Religion Tourists".


  1. European Commission: Flash Eurobarometer 334, March 2012: Survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism [1]