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This is a property of type Text.

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Angla windmill mount +The only windmill mount of Island Saaremaa having kept its original looks.


Bad Doberan Abbey Church +14th century Cistercian abbey church with rich medieval furnishings of international acclaim, the mostly well preserved Cistercian furnishings in Europe
Bauska Castle +Bauska Castle represents an example of military architecture in the period from 15th to 17th century.
Belovezhskaya Puscha National Park +The rarest nature wonder in Belarus
Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve +Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve was established on 30 January 1925 with the aim of protecting and increasing the number of valuable wild animals, beaver and wildfowl.
Biržai Castle +Biržai bastion Castle, built in 16-17 c., is the best remained example of classical private fortification in the territory of Lithuania.


Castle of Kastelholm +Defence stronghold turned into museum
Curonian Spit National Park +98 km long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast


Dudutky Museum of rural culture +The only private museum of rural culture and lifestyle in Belarus


Europos Parkas Open-Air Museum +Europos Parkas museum gives an artistic significance to the geographic centre of European continent. The museum is created as unity of art and nature and spans an area of 55 hectares.


Geological Museum +Geological Museum


Häme Castle +Medieval royal castle with different exhibitions


Kaali field of meteorite craters +The rarest nature wonder in Estonia, being at the same time the most spectacular in Eurasia
Karja Catherine Church +Karja church is one of the richest of sculptures in the whole Northern Europe. The arcs of the church exceed the height of the walls two times.
Kihelkonna Church +Church from the second half of 13th century with high domical hewn arcs with relief keystones
Koguva village +The best-preserved village ensemble in Estonia. A unique milieu is created by the village streets with stone fences, log houses with cane roofs, old trees and draw wells with poles.
Kuressaare Episcopal Castle +The convent building of Kuressaare castle is the only medieval fortification in the Baltic States that has not undergone considerable alterations and due to that is an internationally important architectural monument.
Kurtuvėnai Manor +Former stables of the manor host a Horse Riding Service Centre.


Lappeenranta Fortress +The Fortress of Lappeenranta is a fine Northern example of a European fortified town from the18th century.
Liubavas Manor Watermill Museum +The Liubavas museum was founded after the careful restoration of the unique stonework watermill of the manor. The exhibition tells Liubavas history and introduces to mill technological equipment and processes.


Malbork Castle +Castle of the Teutonic Order, the largest castle in the world by area
Museum of Jewish Resistance in Noovogrudok +The exhibition is situated in one of the buildings of the vocational school # 193 which used to be a living barrack for ghetto prisoners during the war.


Narva Castle +One of the oldest museums of Estonia. Medieval castle, consists of the main building with the Tall Hermann tower in its northwest corner, Northern Yard and big western yard.


Olavinlinna Castle +The history of Olavinlinna is a mixture of medieval arms clashing, cannons roaring and every-day chores inside the security of the castle's thick walls.


Panga cliff +The highest of all Saaremaa and Muhu northern coast cliffs
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