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The source market part of BASTIS looks at the ten Baltic Sea countries and three other important countries (UK, Italy, The Netherlands) as sources of travel demand. This means: The country profiles show data on travel originating from a country (as opposed to the destinations section, that looks at travel within or into a country).


What's in it?

The profiles show general data on the country (like e. g. the number of inhabitants or the development of the GDP) and the tourism demand volume and structure originating in and from that country. We look at the travel propensity, the travel frequency, the share of national vs. international travel, motives and travel planning behaviour and much more, depending on the data available for the specific country. One focus is on heritage tourists as a demand force in the country. Furthermore, traffic connections and useful links are provided.

How is it organised?

The source market part is organised by country. Most profiles follow a certain standard, beginning with a more general country profile, followed by tourism demand volume and structure (use of accomodation) and a small chapter on traffic links into the Baltic Sea Region.

Which year do the data represent?

Currently, most data represent the year 2011, because this was the year we could accumulate comparable data for most countries (not for all, though, as you will see). There is also historic data available, referring to the year 2009.

Are there benchmark reports?

Yes. There are two benchmark reports with the reference year 2011: One is on population, GDP and travel propensity, one is on more specific aspects of tourism demand structure.

How can I help?

As this is a wiki, we welcome any help and look forward to having you on board. To edit content, you need to have a BASTIS account and be logged in. Click here to get your own BASTIS account.