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The destination part of BASTIS looks at the ten Baltic Sea countries as travel destinations. This means: The country profiles show data on travel within or into these countries (as opposed to the source markets section, that looks at travel originating from a country)


What's in it?

The profiles show data on tourism supply (e. g. accommodation capacities), tourism demand and the economic dinemsion of tourism. However, the demand side is in most cases described in more detail because several data sources reporting on tourism demand are available. Therefore, the demand data are not limited to volume data (e. g. the number for bednights), but include also qualitative data on tourism behaviour, interest for a destination and tourist's needs in specific segments like nature and cultural holidays. Furthermore, useful links to the National Tourism Organisation (NTO) and the official statistics source are provided.

How is it organised?

The destination part is organised by country and, in most cases, there are regional breakdowns on NUTS1 level. Most profiles follow a certain standard, beginning with tourism demand volume (use of accommodation), then tourism supply (accommodation capacities) and finally demand data for specific segments.

Which year do the data represent?

Currently, most data represent the year 2011, because this was the year we could accumulate comparable data for most countries (not for all, though, as you will see). There is also historic data available, referring to the year 2009.

Are there benchmark reports available?

Yes. There are four benchmark reports with the reference year 2011: One is a comparative time series on overnight arrivals, one is a comparative time series on bednights, one collects a number of supply and demand indicators and the last one covers the economic dimension of tourism.

How can I help?

As this is a wiki, we welcome any help and look forward to having you on board. To edit content, you need to have a BASTIS account and be logged in. Click here to get your own BASTIS account.