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Welcome to the BASTIS wiki


The basic idea of BASTIS is to provide everybody dealing with heritage tourism in the Baltic Sea region (e.g. SMEs, tourism authorities and associations) with useful market and benchmarking information, free of charge and easy to access!

This wiki is the heart of BASTIS. Here you can access, share, update and edit all relevant market information for heritage tourism in the Baltic Sea region. BASTIS is primarily meant as a business-to-business information channel and is focussing on SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in the tourism and heritage sector. If you are looking for personal information to plan your next trip, please have a look at our Travel Planning Sources.

For more information on the BASTIS project please see the about BASTIS page and observe our Copyright & Legal Notice.

Please use the navigation bar to your left to navigate or just start with the search function on the upper right of this page! You can choose between the following sections:

  • Destinations holds mostly statistical and survey based information about 10 Baltic countries as a tourism destination. Contents are e.g. the usage of accomodations, accomodation capacities, or interest in the destination
  • Source Markets shows data on 13 selected countries relevant for the Baltic region as tourism source markets. Available information is, besides a country proflile, the tourism demand and the traffic links into the Baltic region
  • Heritage Tourists shows mostly survey data on different segments of the heritage tourism demand side.
  • Heritage Sites contains first hand information on many heritage sites in the Baltic region, like castles, churches, museums, natural sites & attractions or national parks.
The map shows the

Baltic Region, home of BASTIS.

Bsr map.gif

For more information please visit the website of the Baltic Sea Region Programme.

BASTIS is part of AGORA 2.0, an INTERREG project dealing specifically with heritage tourism in the Baltic region. That's why you can find information on heritage sites and their visitors. BASTIS also provides more general information on tourism in the Baltic area. It is hosted by the Baltic Sea Tourism Commission.
IMPORTANT: To edit content, you need to have a BASTIS account and be logged in. Please ask us.

KEY STATISTICS: 121 users provided 600 pages on BASTIS, which have been viewed 11,046,611 times when accessed on November 1, 2020.